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Fatigue Theory,Tests and Application of Premium Thread Steel Pipes
江 勇王春輝李鵬沖
 中油管道物資裝備有限公司, 河北 廊坊 065000
JIANG Yong WANG Chunhui Li Pengchong
 China Petroleum Pipeline Material and Equipment Co., Ltd., Langfang 065000, Hebei, China
特殊扣鋼管疲勞應力集中LET S-N曲線
premium thread steel pipe fatigue stress concentration LET S-N curve
In order to promote the further improvement of the anti-fatigue performance of premium thread steel pipe,in this article,the fatigue performance of pipe body material was researched,as well as the fatigue and design of threaded connections. The main reason of fatigue of premium thread steel pipe was analyzed. Take anti-fatigue premium thread products of French V&M company and Argentine Tenaris company for instance,the influence of frictional coefficient,pitch, taper and stress releasing structure on fatigue at design time were expounded,the basic issues of fatigue test machine and S-N curve measure were introduced,and the test principles of resonance full-scale test apparatus of fatigue evaluation were focused on. According to the research results,the major factor influencing thread casing fatigue strength was stress concentration factor(SCF) which had a larger value in LET of pin with the maximum stress. Therefore,smooth transition was used to reduce SCF in thread casing structure design,resistance to deflection structure should be considered outside female ends;wall thickness of female ends should be reduced,machining accuracy of thread structure should be improved,stress releasing and residual stress removal should be used to improve the fatigue performance of premium connection of steel pipe.


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作者簡介:江  勇(1980—),男,湖北蘄春人,工程師,主要從事油井管采購和研究工作。

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